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Trois femmes ont été particulièrement marquantes durant l'enfance de Pierre-Yves Lord. Il prend ces quelques instants pour les remercier.
Faites comme Pierre-Yves et dites merci à un adulte qui a été important pour vous lorsque vous étiez petits:

Pierre-Yves Lord version sous-titrée - Grâce à toi

Pierre-Yves a remercié Catherine, Hélène et Véronica d'avoir été aussi importantes pour lui durant son enfance sur Naître et grandir Une in...

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R&B singer, songwriter, & actor, Ginuwine is in the building on
Check him out in the hit play #MarriedButSingleToo directed by Je'Caryous Johnson

#WBLS #Ginuwine Lenny Green
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Do you make 64,000 dollars a year or under? Do you want to receive FREE expert tax preparation from one of the leading tax preparers in the city? CLICK: or call Urban Upbound at 718-784-0877 and press the star key to schedule your one on one appointment with an expert tax preparer!

Their offices are conveniently located in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens including...
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Welcomed rain and brief sunshine peek-a-boos produced some beautiful rainbows today!
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The first heart of support for Amos' weight loss plan is hanging on the big guy's kennel to show that folks are rooting for him! You can get a heart for $10 with your message for Amos at [ Link ]
Amos is famous! Our big boy is creating quite a sensation and has dozens of adoption applications. He is on a weight management diet, and as anyone who has tried to lose some pounds knows, encouragement always helps. Would you consider donating $10 to our "We Are ONE Heart" campaign so we can decorate Amos' kennel with hearts as a show of support? Click on the link to show Amos some love!

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It's great weather for some exercise, especially if you're a Greyhound!
Alexus and Cosmo are available for adoption. Check them out at: [ Link ]
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“We know in the United States that a young person under the age of twenty five is injured every minute, and these injuries are life threatening and life altering. And they're all the more tragic because we know that they can be predicted and prevented.” Rebecca Guerin discusses her work with NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and CDC. [ Link ]
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Do you think a "desk foot swing" would increase your productivity?
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Father always knows best.

The Tudors, All New Back to Back Episodes

Saturdays at 10PM ET/7PM PT - Only on Ovation.
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MARKETSOPEN. शुरुआती कारोबार की सुपरफास्ट कवरेज #CNBCAwaaz @hemant_ghai @anilsinghviCNBC
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हाउसिंग फाइनेंस कंपनियों और टाटा मोटर्स पर ब्रोकरेज रिपोर्ट @niyati_bohra_18 @hemant_ghai @anilsinghviCNBC
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Ann Coulter: I think Donald J. Trump should tweet more. It drives the media crazy.
Washington Examiner
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Donald J. Trump's incoming national security adviser H.R. McMaster on the future of war.
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