AXN Latinoamérica
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Cuando te descubres que la #NASA descubrió un sistema solar lleno de planetas como la Tierra. #TRAPPIST1
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Jajajajajajaja que mala!!

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¡Tienes que ver esto!

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Los Hombres Siempre

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Fireworks. Just ‘cause.
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If you could be in any anime city RIGHT now, where would you go?
(Your Name)
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Our Woman Crush Wednesday is Tome Kurata from Mob Psycho 100. Who’s yours!?

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Gute Nacht! ❤
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#Viral40 ¡Negan wow! <3
Jrock Radio
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Be sure to mark those calendars because when Catfish: The TV Show returns next week, it'll be on at a brand new time!
Teen Mom 2
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When your friends make you go out and be social, but you planned on staying in and watching this week's Teen Mom 2:
Sputnik Arabic
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شاهد قوة السلاح الجوي الروسي
#سبوتنيك #روسيا

زورو موقعنا عبر الرابط .. [ Link ]
شاهد أجمل الصور عبر الرابط .. [ Link ]
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¡Que madrazo! JAJA

Los invito a ver el siguiente vìdeo: [ Link ]
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We'd say they've got this down.
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Finish the lyrics:
You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain
Too much love drives a man insane
You broke my will, but what a thrill...