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It was an eventful weekend for two German F1 drivers at the Race of Champions Nations Cup

Wehrlein suffers scary Race of Champions crash as Vettel wins again

Thank you CLARUS Fordonsbelysning & LED-produkter for pimping my car. The forest and the dark roads have never been so bright after getting my LED-lights. Really impressed with my new flashlight as well :)
Really nice guys, pay them a visit
My profile is blank, apart from a few pictures. I write for a living, but the thought of selling myself in a couple of snappy sentences filled me with dread. “Olly, 32, architecture critic” is all I could muster.

Maybe it’s the cat, I thought. One of my pictures has an alarmed-looking feline in the foreground, and who on the internet doesn’t like pictures of cats?

A dating app says I'm London's hottest single man. I think my cat's to blame

'Many commentators have noted that the phrase “America first” was used in the late 1930s by fascist sympathiser Charles Lindbergh and other isolationists. But most Trump voters won’t be aware of the historical allusion. They support him because of what he said next: “Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American...
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The Teutonic cadence was chilling to the Trump opposers in the crowd. Then that chill deepened… | Michael Goldfarb

"An 80-year-old clit looks and works the same as a 20-year-old one. But it does keep growing – it could be 2.5 times as big in your 90s as it was in your teen years."

Clitbait: 10 things you didn't know about the clitoris

With the wellness movement coming under fire, it is no surprise that the big names in clean eating are beginning to worry. Across dozens of perfectly glowing, smooth-skinned brows, a glimmer of sweat is beginning to prickle: it’s time to rebrand, or duck out.

Bad fad – Ruby Tandoh on how clean eating turned toxic

“Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”
'We should listen closely to those commentators raised under authoritarian regimes. They note that leaders in that mould often spread falsehoods, or at least try to make facts seems hazy and unknowable. If a chunk of the population are not sure what’s true and what’s not, their willingness to fight back is weakened. They are more likely to...
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Sean Spicer is a Groucho Marxist, asking us not to believe our own eyes

A cleaner whose coworkers convinced him his school's classroom had been the scene of an orgy has been awarded $156,000 in compensation after the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal determined he was sexually harassed.

Gold Coast cleaner awarded $156,000 compensation after 'sex romp' practical joke

Coalition figures such as Tony Abbott and Eric Abetz have argued the resignation of the Fair Work Commission's vice-president shows Australia’s industrial relations framework needs to change, after he called the commission "partisan, dysfunctional and divided".

Claims Fair Work Commission is anti-business are 'clearly wrong', says expert

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Wow! Just Before 59th Birthday, Anita Baker Shows Rare NEW PHOTO Of Herself

Looking good!!

Wow! Just Before 59th Birthday, Anita Baker Shows Rare NEW PHOTO Of Herself



You can order #iLBB apparel here, we ship worldwide: [ Ilovebeingblack.com Link ] (use coupon code MIGHTY2017 for $10 off orders $30+)
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Ba ông rủ nhau xuống hạ giới tâm sự về tiền :v
Link: [ Youtube.com Link ]
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Tay vợ mà tưởng chân voi. Chân vợ lại tưởng cột đình mới đau :v
Link phim: [ Youtube.com Link ]